Now an award winning director, Marten first got behind the camera by accident, taking over the reins of his band’s music video when their initial choice fell through. He hasn’t looked back since.

In the years since that first self-driven project, Mårten has developed into a thoroughgoing storyteller. A vivid narrator with strong visuals and an unconventional approach to any production that comes his way. His reel ranges from dynamic sports films, to technical pieces and character driven comedy, all with his distinctive style and conceptual focus on the narrative. Commercially, he’s worked for some of the most colourful clients in the Nordic market, such as IKEA, Absolut Vodka and Netflix.

Along with his commercial work, Mårten has written and directed several drama shorts that have been screened at numerousf ilm festivals across Europe. He’s also worked behind the scenes for Sweden’s biggest TV stations; SVT and TV4, directing a number of documentaries. For his next challenge, Mårten will be bringing his unique style and visual air to the APAC market, in his capacity as the new Creative Director for Chimney Australia.


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Surry Hills 2010,
Sydney, NSW